Tooth Implants Are Better Than Bridges And Crowns

Than Bridges And CrownsWhenever we come across an oral condition which needs to be addressed, there is normally more than one option to choose from. Although the dentist is able to make the right decision regarding the right treatment, sometimes we are given the freedom to choose the treatment ourselves. Tooth implants are relatively new and not many people go for this treatment because of the complexities involved. Since these are artificial tooth roots which are used to replace the entire tooth, including the root, extraction of the original root is often required which is a painful procedure.

Despite these complications, tooth implants are considered a better option than bridgework, crowns or partial dentures. Although crowns are used to complete the procedure of implants, they are not used alone when the decay or damage to the tooth is too severe. With the advancement in medical technology and the introduction of new and more sophisticated tools and machines, tooth implants have become a very common practice for a dentist. The biggest advantage of implants over other treatments is that they are permanent solutions and may last for a lifetime if properly applied.

If we study the literature, we find that dental implants have a very high success rate – up to 92%. Complications only occur if the dentist is inexperienced or has not been able to rightly diagnose your problem. Otherwise, the procedure is meant to be totally safe and reliable. A tooth implant is very secure and durable. This procedure is often used in cosmetic dentistry for a complete smile makeover in addition to veneers, bonding and fillings.

Another reason for the superiority of dental implants over other procedures is the material used in the making of artificial tooth roots. Normally titanium is employed to manufacture artificial roots which is a very light weight and durable metal. In addition to this, other effective metals are also added to pure titanium to make it stronger and longer lasting. Most people do not develop any adverse reactions, allergies or infections to the implanted tooth made of titanium. This is another reason which makes dental
implants more suitable than other treatments.

Bridgework requires the support of neighboring teeth in order to be fully applied. Furthermore, bridges are not helpful in sustaining braces or other dental appliances for a long time when there is a need to correct the alignment of crooked teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, have been found to be very useful in this regard. If you do not want to wear removable dentures, tooth implants will prove to be the most effective and long lasting treatment for your missing teeth.

However, to complete the procedure of dental implants, bridgework, bonding and crowns are often required. For this you may need the services of more than one dentist including an oral surgeon and a periodontist. Because of this reason, implants are more expensive than other ordinary dental or cosmetic procedures. But if we consider their long-term benefits, we find that this investment is very cost-effective. A tooth implant is by far the most beneficial treatment for the replacement of missing, broken or decayed teeth and it has been found to be better than all other alternatives available in dentistry.