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Easy 5 Step Oral Hygiene Routine

Practicing good oral hygiene is a necessity for Monrovia patients as it ensures that our teeth, jawbone, and gums are well taken care of and in good condition for a very long time. Having good oral hygiene plays a key role in our overall well-being as we make use of our teeth to carry out a lot of activities in our daily lives. Firstly, we......
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4 Ways To Prevent Plaque Buildup

Plaque is a sticky, colorless bacterial film which sticks to the teeth and gums. When felt with the tip of the tongue, it has a fuzzy feeling and is noticeable when you haven’t brushed your teeth. Plaque is very harmful to your dental health and should not be allowed to build up since it’s made up of bacterial constituents which produce acidic waste. Bacteria is......
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3 Factors That Affect Teeth Whitening Results 

Couple with white teeth smiling
You’ve been through teeth whitening. But your teeth still aren’t as white as you expected them to be. Why is that? At Dr. Q’s dental clinic we provide a personalized teeth whitening treatment for our patients in Monrovia, CA. There are many factors that decide just how white your teeth can become through this procedure. Here’s what you should know. What Is Teeth Whitening? Most...
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3 Ways Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile 

Are you unhappy about your smile? Do you avoid smiling in public or feel self-conscious about the way you look every time you smile? Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are of the same color as your teeth. They are bonded to the front surfaces of your natural teeth and address many different physical and aesthetic issues related to your smile. Dental veneers......
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Three Reasons Removing Plaque from Your Mouth Is Imperative for Your Oral Hygiene

If teeth are not cleaned regularly, the bacteria present in our mouth and from food particles forms a thin film on our teeth; commonly known as plaque. Regular visits to the dentist can help keep your teeth looking sparkling and healthy. In fact, without cleaning, plaque can get build-up quickly leading to inflamed and infected gums; which often results in a lot of pain and......
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Should I Use Mouthwash Regularly?

Many of our patients at Dr. Q Dental in Monrovia are curious to learn our professional recommendations regarding such basic questions as how often to brush, what type of toothbrushes are most recommended by dentists, and which toothpastes are ideal for warding off tooth decay and gum disease. One common question our patients often pose is regarding the use of mouthwash and its effectiveness in......
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Is Tooth Decay Reversible?

Tooth decay is the result of accumulated harmful oral bacteria that affects the overall health of the teeth and gums, causing cavities and other problems in dental health.  This condition develops when the teeth are not properly cleaned on a regular basis, or when plaque develops just beneath the gum line, causing weakening of the teeth and gums, and encouraging the proliferation of harmful bacteria......
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How Many Shades Lighter Will My Teeth Become After Whitening?

Blonde model with white teeth smiling
If your teeth have become dull and grey, or stained by such habits as smoking or drinking tea, coffee, or wine, consider a visit to Dr. Q Dental in Monrovia to undergo a customized teeth whitening treatment and bring out the gleam in your smile! The amount of whitening that can be achieved by a teeth whitening treatment will depend greatly on the original condition...
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How Can I Remove Stains From Teeth Caused By Smoking?

Senior with very white teeth.
Many of our patients in Monrovia come to our office in search of teeth whitening solutions to eliminate stains caused by smoking, as well as wine and coffee stains, stains caused by aging, and general discoloration of tooth enamel. Dr. Q specializes in teeth whitening and provides her patients in the Monrovia area with the most advanced products and technology to help you achieve a...
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How Can Diet Contribute To Tooth Decay?

We’ve all heard about the harmful effects that candy and sugary treats may have on oral health and the fact that these types of foods contribute to tooth decay and cavities.  At Dr. Q Dental, we also make our Monrovia-area patients aware that optimal oral health is a gateway to improving the overall health of your entire body, and diet has a lot to do......
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