dentist monrovia Practicing good oral hygiene is a necessity for Monrovia patients as it ensures that our teeth, jawbone, and gums are well taken care of and in good condition for a very long time. Having good oral hygiene plays a key role in our overall well-being as we make use of our teeth to carry out a lot of activities in our daily lives.

Firstly, we make use of the teeth for chewing and grinding food into smaller particles, this makes it easier to digest, and we need food to energize and fuel our bodies so we can perform other activities with ease. The other key role which our teeth play is that it helps us to express emotions whenever we are happy or sad. And as such the importance of having good oral hygiene cannot be overlooked, so we don’t feel pain and develop tooth problems.

Creating an easy oral hygiene routine is not as difficult as it sounds, it would help you protect your teeth, jawbone, tongue, and gums are in good shape. We’ve listed a few ways in which you can develop a healthy oral hygiene routine below. If you reside in Monrovia, you can also contact Dr. Q., a renowned dentist to help provide you with tips on improving oral hygiene.

Eating Healthy

The type of food we eat contributes a great deal to the dental health of Monrovia patients. Eating hard food can destroy your teeth in the process. It is highly recommended to eat soft foods like fruits and vegetables, which also have health benefits for the body. Sugary or sweet foods can also result in tooth decay and other related complications. So eating healthy is a key way to develop good oral hygiene.

Dental Flossing

Regular flossing of the teeth prevents tooth decay as it helps us to get rid of food particles which get stuck between the teeth. These food particles can cause cavities and tooth problems if not removed quickly.

Brush Your Teeth & Tongue Regularly

It is recommended that Monrovia patients brush at least twice daily for 5 minutes. When brushing your teeth, remember to scrub your tongues as well to remove bacteria. Brushing the tongue is a very important part of developing good oral hygiene routine, as it helps to prevent bad breath.

Use Only ADA Approved Toothpaste to Brush Your Teeth

When cleaning your teeth, ensure you make use of only ADA approved toothpaste. Some toothpaste doesn’t contain active ingredients like fluoride which helps to strengthen the enamel surrounding the teeth. Take time to read the label on the toothpaste before you buy.

Visit Monrovia Dentist, Dr. Q Regularly

A regular visit to the dentist is also critical to maintain a good oral hygiene routine. The benefit of visiting your dentist frequently enables them to carry out thorough dental checkups and cleanings to remove tartar or plaque building up inside your mouth. Such visits help to assess your oral hygiene and keep your teeth, gums, and jawbone in good shape.

Developing a good oral hygiene routine helps to take care of your teeth and gums, and you would be spending less time visiting the dentist too. These five easy ways will help you practice good oral hygiene, and if you’re looking for dental services in Monrovia, Dr. Q is the go-to place for specialized dental care. Call (626) 599-9819.