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The city of Arcadia, CA focuses on protecting the environment to keep the community healthy and beautiful. The health of residents is also important, meaning access to high-quality care is essential. Dr. Q provides a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures to help patients maintain gorgeous, functional smiles.

Meet Dr. Q

Dr. Q is committed to creating positive experiences for every patient in a warm, welcoming environment. She makes going to the dentist more enjoyable by taking the time to explain each procedure, ensuring patients are comfortable, and adhering to the highest safety standards. By offering general, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures, Dr. Q can develop comprehensive treatment plans that meet each patient’s needs and goals. Her office has advanced technology, including a Solea CO2 laser, enabling faster, more precise treatment with less trauma.

Our Cosmetic Procedures

A wide range of cosmetic procedures are available to help you achieve a more attractive smile:

  • Dental Implants: Dental implants replace the root of missing or severely damaged teeth to support a permanent replacement that looks and functions like your natural teeth.
  • Invisalign: An alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign treatment uses custom-made, clear aligners to gently move your teeth in the proper position for a straighter smile.
  • Teeth Whitening: Professional teeth whitening can remove the yellowish tinge or stubborn stains that have developed on your teeth and leave them whiter and brighter.
  • Dental Bridges: Close the gap from missing teeth with a dental bridge that attaches to adjacent teeth using crowns and blends in to create a full smile.
  • Dental Veneers: Refresh chipped, uneven, or discolored teeth with beautiful dental veneers that are thin pieces of porcelain designed to match existing teeth and cover imperfections.
  • BOTOX® for TMJ: Botox can temporarily prevent the muscles around the jaw from contracting, which can ease pain and discomfort and improve jaw movement.

Other Dental Treatments

In addition to cosmetic procedures, general and restorative care can also treat dental problems:

  • Root Canals: A root canal cleans out an infected tooth and seals it to prevent further damage and extraction.
  • Dental Crowns: A dental crown is a cap that slips over the tooth and functions as an alternative to a filling. It prevents further decay and reinforces the tooth.
  • Dental Fillings: After removing tooth decay, Dr. Q will place a filling to restore the tooth’s structure and help prevent further damage.
  • Treatment for Sensitive Teeth: There are several treatment options for reducing teeth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages.
  • Laser Dentistry: Dr. Q uses the Solea CO2 laser rather than a traditional drill to treat many dental issues. It allows for faster, more precise care and greater patient comfort.
  • Pediatric Dentistry: Regular checkups ensure that children’s teeth develop properly and can identify problems early on.
  • Emergency Dentistry: Sudden tooth pain, lost teeth, and chips or cracks can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Dr. Q offers access to treatment when you need it with emergency office hours.

Get Preventive and Restorative Care from an Experienced Dentist in Arcadia, CA

Do you have concerns about your teeth or want to restore your smile? Find the quality services you need in Arcadia, CA by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Q.