One of the biggest pieces of misinformation about cavities has to do with sugar. Almost all of our Monrovia patients tell us that they’ve been told by their parents since their childhood that sugar will “rot your teeth.” But is that actually true? In this blog post we want to examine exactly what sugar does […]

Some of our favorite foods and beverages also contribute heavily to staining your teeth. Foods like berries, pasta sauce, popsicles, and drinks like wine, coffee, and tea can all cause discoloration of your teeth. One of the most effective methods to brighten up your smile is teeth whitening. But there’s another way to prevent stains […]

Our mouths are home to billions of bacteria. Some of them are good and do things like fight bad breath. But others of them are bad. This harmful bacteria quickly forms a thin layer of plaque on your teeth called plaque. In this blog post we want to look at whether or not this plaque […]

When you wake up in the morning you probably notice that not only will you have a case of “morning breath,” but also your teeth may feel like they have a sticky layer covering them. While we sleep, the billions of bacteria in our mouths form a layer on top of the teeth that is […]

Our teeth have to be incredibly strong to withstand the daily demands of chewing and biting. But despite their toughness, our teeth are susceptible to staining and discoloration. While there are many different factors that can cause stains on our teeth, the foods and beverages that we eat and drink are the main culprits. We’re […]

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, straight and bright white smile. Not only is it a sign of good health, but it also can be a huge source of confidence for our patients. But over time, the foods that we eat and the beverages we drink can cause our teeth to turn brown or yellow. […]

Your teeth are built to take a serious amount of pressure. To protect them, your teeth are coated in a super-strong substance called enamel. The enamel on your teeth also protects your teeth from decay, infection, and cavities. However, there are some things that your teeth are just not built to handle. We want to […]

The tongue is one of the most neglected parts of the mouth when it comes to dental hygiene. But it’s easy to see why. Many of our Monrovia patients tell us that their dentist has told them since they were kids to brush their teeth at least twice a day. But rarely do patients get […]

While it is always the goal to save our patients’ natural teeth, there are certain cases when extracting (removing) the tooth is the best course of action. With extreme decay, infection, or trauma, removing the tooth entirely is sometimes the only route to go. When a tooth is removed, the next question is how to […]

Cavities are almost certainly the top concern for our patients when it comes to their oral health. From a very early age we are all taught that we need to brush and floss our teeth every day so that we can avoid getting cavities filled at the dentist. Monrovia patients that discover they need to […]