If your teeth have become dull and grey, or stained by such habits as smoking or drinking tea, coffee, or wine, consider a visit to Dr. Q Dental in Monrovia to undergo a customized teeth whitening treatment and bring out the gleam in your smile! The amount of whitening that can be achieved by a […]

One of the most common problems we see and provide treatment for our Duarte and Monrovia-area patients at Dr. Q Dental is bruxism or tooth grinding. Bruxism can lead to problems in a patient’s bite, affecting the health and appearance of the teeth, and producing long-term problems such as malocclusions and subsequent wearing down of […]

Many of our patients in Monrovia come to our office in search of teeth whitening solutions to eliminate stains caused by smoking, as well as wine and coffee stains, stains caused by aging, and general discoloration of tooth enamel. Dr. Q specializes in teeth whitening and provides her patients in the Monrovia area with the […]

We’ve all heard about the harmful effects that candy and sugary treats may have on oral health and the fact that these types of foods contribute to tooth decay and cavities.  At Dr. Q Dental, we also make our Monrovia-area patients aware that optimal oral health is a gateway to improving the overall health of […]

As a dentist with a holistic approach, Dr. Q provides her patients in the Duarte and Monrovia areas with information and education regarding diet, lifestyle choices, and nutritional supplements that may help enhance their overall health and contribute to healthier teeth and gums.  With a view toward long-term dental health, Dr. Q recommends several nutritional […]

Dentists often tell their patients that a healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body and that poor oral health often leads to poor physical health in the body. This is why it’s so important to Dr. Q at Dr. Q Dental in Duarte and Monrovia, California, to keep her patients informed as to […]

There is no question that regular visits to your dentist for routine cleanings and preventive dental care are crucial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and contributing to a healthy, radiant smile.  Nonetheless, there are also a number of healthy habits you can perform at home daily to maintain the health and beauty of your […]

Among the many common ailments that we often treat at Dr. Q Dental, serving patients in the Duarte and Monrovia region of California is dry mouth.  This very common condition may not only make such basic oral functions as speaking, eating, and swallowing difficult and uncomfortable, it can also lead to bad breath, as well […]

Many of our patients in the Monrovia area of California come to Dr. Q Dental complaining of symptoms of bad breath that are not only embarrassing, but also uncomfortable, and may signal the presence of harmful oral bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.  For the benefit of our Monrovia-area patients and […]

Being able to flash a beautiful, shimmering white smile is something that many of our Monrovia patients dream about. It shows that you’re healthy and also can be a big boost of confidence for your career and social life. While our teeth start off when we’re young as a brilliant white color, there are many […]