When Sierra Madre patients visit Dr. Q for cosmetic dentistry procedures, one of the questions they most often asked is, “Will my insurance cover my procedure?” This is a completely understandable question. After all, if you have insurance, you’ll want to use it whenever possible.

As a Sierra Madre dentist, Dr. Q believes in educating her patients and her entire community on how to properly care for their oral health. So much so that she contributes significant time to charities in her community.

Every year, Dr. Q meets with many Sierra Madre men and women who have questions about cosmetic dentistry. One of the top questions she’s asked is whether or not cosmetic dentistry can correct the function of their teeth, while also improving the aesthetics of their smile.

As a mother herself, Dr. Q understands the anxiety that can come to little ones (and their parents) when they’re headed to visit their Monrovia dentist. Because of her first-hand experience at home, and her experience in practice, Dr. Q is skilled at calming children who are nervous about dental treatment.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by dental professionals in Monrovia. And because Dr. Q is able to provide amazing results in one quick appointment, many people who have tried teeth whitening toothpaste with no luck, wonder if they can then get in-office teeth whitening treatment.

Men and women all over Sierra Madre are in search of ways to improve their smile. After all, a healthy, beautiful smile is vital for a positive first impression. At Dr. Q Dental, Dr. Q and her team are dedicated to providing beautiful smile restorations using cutting edge cosmetic dentistry techniques.

As a Sierra Madre dentist, Dr. Q is constantly working to keep abreast of the latest high-quality technology and materials available. The same is true for her work with her youngest patients. She understands how scary visiting the dentist can be for little ones, which is why she takes great care to create a pleasant, welcoming, and safe environment for children.

There’s nothing worse than tooth pain- that dreadful, ongoing ache affects everything you do and can make your life a nightmare. If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know what we’re talking about. Toothaches are a common thing and can be the result of something as simple as sensitivity to hot or cold fluids or […]

Before we begin, let’s get one thing clear. A Cosmetic Dentist and an ordinary Dentist are not the same – even if both are trained in either position as a matter of course. A Cosmetic Dentist is a regular Dentist that has decided to focus on and specialize in the appearance of your smile, making […]

Toothaches can be very debilitating when they occur, crippling the function of other parts of the body as well. They may occur as a result of tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, and infected gum, repetitive motions of the gum/teeth or a damaged filling. Depending on the exact cause, a toothache might mysteriously disappear, leaving you […]