Dr. Q Team Photo

To say that the last few months have brought disruption would be a significant understatement. And yet, thankfully, it looks like the COVID-19 endgame may be in sight. Throughout the State of California, the first round of vaccinations is being rolled out to front-line healthcare workers and at-risk patient groups. This is excellent news, a reason for gratitude and hope.

Recently, our own Dr. Q was featured on the local news, pointing out a curious discrepancy in California’s vaccine roll-out: While the vaccine is being made available to many healthcare workers, dentists have not necessarily been prioritized. As Dr. Q notes, dentists are providing essential services that involve them working in the mouths of their patients; the health and safety of these providers should be a major emphasis.

You can watch the full video clip here. Also, since this interview, we are happy to note that Dr. Q and her entire staff have received the COVID-19 vaccination.