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Saving The First Permanent Molar

Nature has signified the importance of first permanent molar by giving it the first rank in eruption sequence of the permanent dentition. First permanent molar erupts at the age of 6 to 7 years and hence is also known as “six year molar” With the advancing age of the child the diet pattern also starts changing as intake of hard diet increases leading to a......
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Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

If you want to get noticed among people while presenting something or you are attending a party then a white sparkling smile is quite necessary for it. Most of the people are so busy in their daily routine works that they cannot pay proper attention to their most important feature of whole personality. Yes, a smile is the most vital feature that can easily surpass......
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Techniques To Keep Your Teeth Strong and Sparkling

Cosmetic dental surgery has become the most popular surgery in these days and millions of people are trying to avail such techniques for better dental health. There was a time when people used to consider these surgeries a part of health issues but this issue has turned into a fashion statement. Though, this dental surgery is quite expensive but people do not get bothered by......
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5 Top Foods Preventing Bad Breath

There are two main reasons why one can have bad breath – dental hygiene problems and gastrointestinal issues. This means that bad breath originates not just because of improper oral hygiene, but also due to problems in the digestive system. The main reason why these odors are formed is the same, i.e. bacteria. If we consult a doctor regarding our bad breath issue, he will......
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Immediate And Early Loading Of Implants

Instant dental implant has its pros and cons. Specialists on subject of implants have taken a view that immediate loading of implants can be riskier due to the undefined and unexplored diagnosis that relates to it. It is primarily because of this reason that general practitioners are not recommended to undertake such early implants. Having said it, it is anticipated that a revolutionary diagnosis and......
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Tooth Sensitivity and Improper Dental Care

Man in Dental Chair Looking Concerned about Tooth Sensitivity
Among the most common problems in USA, tooth sensitivity is a commonly heard complaint from people. According to our study, almost one in five adults is a victim of dental problem on account of tooth sensitivity and improper dental care. When you take a hot/cold or sweet/sour food item, a sharp pain is felt in the tooth which shows that you are suffering from tooth...
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Advantages Of Implants Vs Fixed Bridges

Senior Model Looking at Teeth in Hand Mirror at Dental Office
A dental implant is the surgical placement of a fixture in the jaw and its osseointegration with the jawbone to produce an artificial tooth replacement which forms a structural and functional connection between the living bone and the implant. The abutment is the part screwed to the fixture, providing a sufficient platform above the gum line to retain the prosthesis by means of cement or...
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Easy Methods To Clean Removable Dentures

Senior female model with dentures
Handling a denture requires care. It is a good idea to stand over a folded towel or a sink of water just in case you accidentally drop the denture. Many people who wear dentures do not know exactly the best way to clean them. Different methods are used, which usually damages the dentures. The ideal way to clean a removable denture is with a paste...
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Different Types Of Oral Cancers And The Treatments

Older Male Model Slightly Smiling
Cancer that forms in tissues of the oral cavity (the mouth) or the oropharynx (the part of the throat at the back of the mouth) is known as oral cancer. Oral cancer is part of a group of cancers called head and neck cancers. Oral cancer can develop in any part of the oral cavity or oropharynx. Most oral cancers begin in the tongue and...
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Gummy Smile Treatment: Complete Guide to a Perfect Smile

Older Female with Gummy smile
For many people a full smile with bright white teeth is not possible. A lot of teeth with small red gums are shown when they smile. It is presumed by them that they have short teeth or that their gums have grown over their teeth. In the perfect smile, the upper lip sits just above the top of the teeth. But for people with a...
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