Friends Smiling and Eating OutdoorsThere are two main reasons why one can have bad breath – dental hygiene problems and gastrointestinal issues. This means that bad breath originates not just because of improper oral hygiene, but also due to problems in the digestive system. The main reason why these odors are formed is the same, i.e. bacteria. If we consult a doctor regarding our bad breath issue, he will first look at our diet. We are what we eat, so what we eat has a great impact on our breath, and hence personality. No one likes to sit with and especially talk to people who have a smelly breath. Now the question is, how do we get rid of bad breath? Besides eating a balanced diet with a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, we can use some of the following tips:

Icon of Fresh HerbChew Fresh Herbs

According to Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, chewing fresh herbs such as parsley, coriander, spearmint, rosemary, tarragon, eucalyptus, and even cardamom can be very effective in fighting bad breath. If you do not fancy chewing raw herbs, you can prepare tea by boiling any of these herbs in water. This way not only does your breath smells nice, but your meal will also be properly digested.

Icon of YogurtAdd Yogurt In Your Diet

Yogurt, besides being an excellent source of Calcium, is a great source of reducing bad breath. The reason for this is that yogurt is considered quite helpful in reducing the levels of Hydrogen Sulfide stored in different parts of our mouth. Hydrogen Sulfide causes bad breath. Yogurt, cheese, and milk are normally recommended by dentists because these food items are rich in Vitamin D, and Vitamin D reduces the growth of bacteria in our body. Moreover, milk and yogurt also keep our digestive tract in order, due to which, bad breath is prevented.

Icon of VeggiesEat Fiber-rich Fruit And Vegetables In Your Diet

Fiber is an excellent source of scrubbing and cleaning your mouth. Fiber-rich fruit and vegetables like apples, oranges, carrots, mangoes, celery, etc, cleanse your mouth by creating more saliva than what other food items make. Also, these eatables help in the proper movement of food in the digestive tract as well as intestines, so there is no chance of food blockage and hence, production of bad breath.

Icon of Orange and Orange SliceEat Food Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent source of preventing the growth of bacteria in our mouth. Including oranges and other citrus fruit in your diet, along with berries and melons, etc, mean minimizing bad breath, Vitamin C also prevents many gum infections, which eventually leads to minimizing bad breath.

Icon of MouthUsing Sugarless Gums And Mouth Fresheners

Although brushing your teeth after every meal is what every dentist recommends, sometimes we are unable to brush or floss our teeth. For this reason, we can go for some bad breath masking approaches, like eating sugarless gums or mints. Gums are good for exercising the jaw muscle, however, make sure that you chew sugarless gum, as sugar causes plaque, and there is no point storing plaque in your mouth when we know it makes our breath smell worse.

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