Home Dentist How To Treat Chronic Bad Breath Effectively

Chronic bad breath or halitosis is an embarrassing condition, which is caused by poor dental hygiene and certain other factors. Systemic illnesses like diabetes and liver disease also cause bad breath in some people. If bad breath is caused by internal infections and poor dental hygiene, it may not be easy to get rid of it completely. A proper diagnosis is necessary to determine the cause of this condition in order to cure it effectively. Your dentist will be able to tell if the smell of your breath is alarming, suggesting the presence of a more serious illness, such as kidney failure or uncontrolled blood glucose levels.

If your bad breath is merely caused by neglected oral hygiene, some mouth freshening and cleaning procedures will cure the condition effectively. However, if the problem is persistent, you might be in need of a more thorough examination and treatment. A yellow film on the tongue characterizes a chronic bad breath problem. Moreover, no matter how extensively you brush your teeth the problem keeps coming back. Bacteria that cause bad breath cause a yellow film on the tongue. Getting rid of this film by using effective tongue cleaners will help in curing or reducing chronic bad breath.

Another symptom of halitosis is dry mouth. This condition is ideal for bacteria to thrive in the mouth. Because of this reason, when we wake up in the morning our breath smells bad due to decreased production of saliva during sleep. Drink lots of water to cure dry mouth, otherwise you will be inviting a number of changes to take place inside your mouth that will eventually cause bad breath and other oral complications. Anti-depressants and coffee can cause a dry mouth. Avoiding these and chewing a sugar-free gum on a regular basis help to cure dry mouth as well as bad breath.

It is advisable to undergo professional treatment instead of trying out products available on the market for the cure of bad breath. They might be effective in curing the problem temporarily, but what’s the use if it keeps coming back? A dentist will use certain diagnostic procedures along with x-rays and an analysis of the patient’s breath and saliva in order to suggest the right treatment. Some products like breath mints, sprays, and mouthwashes should be used in addition to a professional treatment to maintain a fresh breath. In addition to these, tongue cleaners and fluoride toothpastes should also be used on a regular basis.

Natural or herbal treatments are effective for the cure of chronic bad breath. These are also known as home remedies and consist of ingredients like menthol, eucalyptol, thymol, methyl salicylate and some others. In addition to these, peppermint and fennel seed are also effective herbal cures for bad breath. These substances are often added to toothpastes, chewing gums, and mouthwashes to pep up the mouth. Some system cleansers and detoxifiers are available on the market for the treatment of halitosis. Manufacturers of these systems claim that their products can cure bad breath by addressing its underlying causes, such as liver or lung disease.