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Root canals are still an alarming name to many of us. To get a clearer picture of root canals, on should be aware of the following myths about them and get rid of all the misunderstandings and misconceptions about them. i.    Root canal treatment is not painful anymore It is true that the treatment for […]

The issue of root canal is rising very rapidly and a lot of people are victim of this problem. There was a time when I was also attacked by this problem but the guideline I applied to alleviate the pain of root canal was very helpful to get rid of this problem. In this article, […]

We utter the word “ouch!” when we even think about having a root canal. Root canal is not as dreadful as we think.  Check out the following root canal myths, and decide for yourself: 1. Root canals are very painful: A common myth people have is that the procedure of root canal is very painful. […]