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Where Do Cavities Come From?

Young girl being checked for cavities
Everybody knows that cavities are the most common condition affecting a mouth’s health. However, many are unaware of the true causes of this disease. This article is intended to clarify some points. What Are Cavities? Cavities, also known as “tooth decay”, are small holes on the surface of teeth, which progressively go deeper into the inner parts and, eventually, lead to tooth pain. Cavities present...
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Tooth Sensitivity

Young girl with tooth sensitivity
A sensitive tooth can be really annoying, as it can cause many different sensations, from a little discomfort to acute pain. In some cases, it can be as disabling and challenging as a severe case of tooth decay. This article aims to help you understand tooth sensitivity and aid you in preventing this undesired condition. What Is Tooth Sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity is a condition where...
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Anatomy Of An Unhealthy Mouth – Part 2

Mom and Daughter Brushing Teeth in Bathroom
Welcome to the second part of this two-article series. On the first one we talked about cavities and gingivitis, the two most common problems that can affect an unhealthy mouth. In this one, we will go further on our list by addressing less common mouth problems. “Coated” Tongue The top of the tongue is covered by a substance known as keratin. This is normal and...
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Anatomy Of An Unhealthy Mouth – Part 1

Young Woman Smiling Outdoors
Most people know that taking good care of your mouth can prevent many diseases or unwanted conditions. However, many of those people don’t know exactly what those diseases are. If you want to find out what kind of problems can an unhealthy mouth bring you, take a look at this two-article series. The teeth play an essential role in digestion: they are in charge of...
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Tips For Keeping Your Breath Fresh

smiling female on dental chair
Bad breath, known as halitosis, has been a problem since ancient times. If a person’s breath doesn’t smell nice, that could easily lead to social exclusion; we all know how unpleasant it is to talk face-to-face to a person with bad breath. Although certain stomach conditions can cause bad breath, almost 95% of the cases are originated in the mouth. There are many things you...
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