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While traditional implant surgery uses a “two stage placement” that takes the surgery to complete in six months, immediate loading or “same day loading” allows completing the procedure the same day. Conventional dental implants require the gums and bones to heal before a crown could be fixed on the implant. The main disadvantage of this […]

Dental implant or dental bridge, which is the right way to go? Well, if it comes to procedures like these, there is never one good answer. A lot of aspects need to be reviewed before we can make a decision. So let’s see what the difference is between these two ways of replacing teeth. Using […]

In case you have lost your teeth, have cracked, or damaged teeth then you can go for dental implants. Dental implant is the artificial replacement of teeth. It can be a single tooth or a number of teeth. Tooth loss may occur due to tooth decay or accident, due to root canal failure or excessive […]

Dentures are used in place of missing teeth for the purpose of proper chewing, protection of the gums, improvement in speech, and for aesthetic reasons. Fixed dentures are permanent replacement teeth anchored by dental implants or by a bridge. Monrovia patients who have lost or missing teeth can restore their smile and the function of natural […]

Only a few years back patients were terrified of getting implants and one of the reasons for this anxiety was the time it took to complete the surgery and actually start leading a normal life again. With the advancement in medical science in general and dentistry in particular, it is now possible to get dental […]