Procedures for Improving your Smile

mproving your SmileWith the introduction of many cosmetic procedures that help to improve a person’s smile, more and more people now wish to go through these procedures to perk up their appearance and self-confidence. A major reason for adopting one of these procedures, apart from misaligned or crooked teeth, is discoloration of teeth. Stained teeth are a result of neglected oral hygiene, excessive use of tobacco products and caffeine, and intake of strong medicines on a regular basis. The most common procedure in cosmetic dentistry is undoubtedly teeth whitening which can be performed at home and in the dentist’s office.

Although teeth whitening is the easiest way to get a flashing and bright smile, it is not effective for everyone. Severely stained teeth may require bleaching which is not recommended due to the use of chemicals. Furthermore, bleaching is not for people who have gone through other dental procedures in the past such as fillings and crowns. Similarly, teeth whitening performed at home may not prove to be effective at all because there are countless whitening products available on the market and not all of them are helpful. For these people dental veneers and bonding may prove to be successful and effective.

Many a times, cosmetic dentists perform several procedures to give the patient a complete smile makeover. Tooth reshaping is required to address crooked and broken teeth. Only after the teeth are ready for veneers and other cosmetic procedures, these dental formulas are applied. Usually your dentist will inform you of the procedures you may require in order to improve your smile. Bonding is required to fill the gaps between teeth which consequently also improve the color of teeth. Similarly, dental veneers are placed on the surface of teeth to improve their shape and color. However, veneers can only be placed on front teeth, and if you have broken or chipped back teeth, some other procedures might be required.

Veneers may prove to be practical and effective for a lot of people out there as they are not only long lasting but porcelain veneers also greatly resemble our natural tooth color. Normally veneers can last for 10 to 15 years if they are properly cared for. Bonding can be used as an alternative to amalgam fillings which are thought to be harmful for health. However, this procedure is more costly than simple dental fillings. The type of procedures to adopt not only depends on the condition of your teeth but also your pocket. A complete smile makeover may cost of thousands of dollars, so keep all these things in mind before going to the dentist.

Teeth whitening and dental veneers can also be termed as restorative procedures as they have the ability to restore the natural color of our teeth. Bleaching, on the other hand, is performed to treat excessive staining and yellowing of teeth and therefore it may produce a somewhat unnatural effect. There are pros and cons of each cosmetic procedure so consider all these options carefully and then opt for one or more of these procedures to boost your self-confidence and recover your beautiful smile.