Prevention Of Oral Cancer Using Vegetables And Fruits

Prevention Of Oral CancerFruits and vegetables are so healthy that they can together combat a lot of diseases including Oral Cancer too. According to the February Volume of Journal of American Dental Association’s, the risk of oral cancer can be minimized to a greater extent if the oral healthcare professionals inform the patients about the benefits of fruits and vegetables in fighting the oral cancer. It is in practice that clinicians educate people about the hazards of tobacco and alcohol, but they are hardly found telling their patients of a good dietary plan including vegetables and fruits that can almost reverse the effects of oral cancer.
Benefits of fruits and vegetables.

In May 2006 issue of JADA, the JADA authors have identified the role of citrus fruits in avoiding oral cancer. They have also noticed that the theory of fruits and vegetables concerning to the inhibition of different cancers, especially oral cancer is under study from past 50 years or more. The 1994 issue of Nutrition and Cancer stated that the researchers of National Cancer Institute of Health found that consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables prevents the occurrence of second primary cancers in patients who suffer from oral and pharyngeal cancer (OPC). Many studies have been done to prove the relationship of fruits and vegetables with the avoidance of oral cancer.

Although the exact action of diet is not known yet as to how it prevents the onset of a particular cancer, but scientists hypothesize the roles of Vitamin C, E, and Terpenes present in fruits and vegetables. They think that these vitamins act as antioxidants and prevent the DNA damage by the exposure of oxygen’s free radicals. Similarly, Terpene found in certain plants affects the cell cycle and apoptosis. Moreover, there are other micro-nutrients such as phytonutrients present in fruits and vegetables and are related to light somehow. These micronutrients can also play a vital role in preventing the oral cancer specifically and other cancers generally. Nutritionists, dieticians and scientists have found that the fruits that contain ellagic acid in abundance, like berries, and vegetables that are rich in isothiocyanates, like cruciferous vegetables, also prevent the same.

One of the medicine professors, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center has put forward a suggestion of consuming 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day along with the other daily dietary plans. Not only because they prevent the incidence of oral cancer, but, according to her, this diet protects a person from several periodontal diseases too.

Researches have shown that the consumption of dairy and meat products increase the risk of cancer especially oral, prostrate and ovarian cancers. Moreover, the processed meat, adding the icing to the cake, processed salted meat is the main cause of oral cancer throughout the world. Meat and dairy products increase the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines which in turn increase the risk of oral and neck cancers.

It is very important to have checked the head, neck and oral mucosal regions for any pre cancerious changes in cells time to time. Besides that, the oral healthcare professionals not only should educate the patients about the benefit of fruits and vegetables but also start campaigning worldwide telling the general public about the same. People who are tobacco addicted or who consume alcohol, betel nut or gutka should be of major concern because they are at much higher risk of developing oral cancer. Moreover people who have history of head, neck, or aerodigestive tract cancer should also show concern too. People with periodontal diseases should be educated about the oral hygiene and consumption of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.

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