Monrovia Dental Patient Spotlight – Esther C.

Esther C. was in need of a root canal and crowns. She wanted to make sure she was going to be well taken care of, so she turned to Dr. Q in Monrovia to help with her dental work. Esther C. says, “Dr. Q Dental is the absolute best. Between car mechanics and dentists, it’s hard to find someone you trust. I love that Dr. Q and her office staff are honest in their assessments and will allow you to make an informed decision without forcing you to do a procedure.” It is this level of patient care and trust that Dr. Q strives to provide to all of her patients.

In order to get the best care available that meets her and her family’s needs, Esther C. turned to Dr. Q. She feels comfortable sharing her story because Dr. Q is “meticulous and thorough while also having this calmness that helps put patients at ease.”

Since Coming To Dr. Q

Esther C. knew it was extremely important to find a caring and respectful dentist who would understand her situation and do everything in their power to help fix her dental problems. Esther C. says, “…Dr. Q cares so much about her patients and her work that she always does a fabulous job and keeps my health in line. I’ve had two root canals recently and she helped me through the process of pain management and ultimately helped me take care of the root canals.”

For Esther C., she says that, “the root canals [were] inevitable because I waited too long to get fillings done when they could have been [less] of an issue.” Since coming to Dr. Q, Esther C. has learned to listen to the nagging discomfort and persistent pain as signs to check on her oral health with Dr. Q.

More About Dr. Q Dental

Dr. Q is dedicated to helping her patients achieve excellent oral health without sacrificing any patient comfort. At her practice in Monrovia, Dr. Q performs all kinds of dental procedures for patients of all ages. Her staff is highly trained and is willing to answer any questions you may have.

Having spent over a decade in dentistry, Dr. Q is all-too-familiar with the fear that most patients have when they go to a dental office. This is why she and her staff make the visit an enjoyable one. From advanced technology and comfortable chairs, to a friendly staff and ethical work, Dr. Q Dental is designed to help patients deal with their fear of the dentist.

Esther C. sums up her experience best by saying, “what I love the most about [Dr. Q] and her staff is that they don’t try to give you treatment plans to make money. They give you plans with your best health in mind and she will stand by her work and do her very best to take care of you. That’s why I love Dr. Q.”

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