How To Prevent Oral Cancer

Prevent Oral CancerAlthough science has tremendously advanced in the past fifty years, yet, doctors still do not know why one person eventually gets cancer and the other does not. Every person, no matter what age or country he/ she belongs to, have equal probability of getting cancer. However, there are a few habits and environments where one is more likely to get this life-threatening disease.

In case of Oral Cancer, the herpes simplex virus gets into the body via skin either inside or around the mouth region. Generally, it is spread when a person touches, or shares utensils or razor of the infected person. The saliva of the infected person plays a major role in spreading the disease.

However, besides watching out for people who already have cancer and keeping away from them, there are some preventive measures by which one can protect oneself from Oral Cancer. Quitting smoking and drinking might be the first step in preventing from Oral Cancer.

Tobacco usage is termed as the main cause of Oral Cancer. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewable tobacco. Tobacco consumption can cause cancer in areas like the floor of the mouth, oral cavity, and lips. A recent study showed that tobacco users have a possibility of developing second cancers in vocal cords, esophagus, windpipe, throat and nose.

Positive news for people who intend to quit smoking is that the risk of getting Oral Cancer is plummeted to 50% within five years and after ten years, the risk becomes same as for a person who never consumed tobacco in any form.

Alcohol consumption is another factor for people to get Oral Cancer. Alcohol may cause abnormal white or red patches on the skin, and when these patches are formed on mucous membranes, the result is Oral Cancer.

Sun exposure may also lead to cancer of lip. Avoiding sun when possible and using lip balm that has sunscreen may be helpful in preventing lip cancer.

If a person is suffering from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), that person has a higher risk of getting Oral Cancer. Intake of Marijuana may also result in getting Oral Cancer.

It is important for a person to avoid addictions like tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol as they may lead to serious illness. Moreover, there are certain factors that may decrease the risk of Oral Cancer. For example, having a healthy diet with fresh fruit and vegetables may lower the risk of having many types of cancers. Chemoprevention is a technique that uses certain drugs to prevent or at least delay the growth of cancer cells. This technique is applied on people who have a higher risk of getting cancer, or, who have developed cancerous symptoms.

Oral Cancer, if not treated properly and on time, can even lead to death. Therefore, measures must be taken in order to prevent this disease from occurring and spreading.