Future Of Plasma For Fighting Oral Infections

Oral infections normally occur as a result of thick films of bacteria on the surface of teeth and gum, which ultimately cause cavities and tooth decay. One way to prevent this is to properly brush and floss your teeth; however, prolonged negligence is not as easy to cure. Plasma dental probe is a tool developed for the removal of thick bacterial settlements on the surface of and deep inside a tooth. This device is non-thermal, which means it does not heat up and is safe to touch. Moreover, it does not cause much friction when applied to teeth for the removal of bacterial films.

Although it sounds painful to fire rays of plasma inside the mouth, but as it turns out the blowtorch operates in small pulses, which allows the gasses to cool down before they hit. Until recently, dentists used this tool for sterilizing teeth during root canal treatments. However, now it is also being used for clearing away plaque and thick films of bacteria in the mouth for the prevention of infections and other complications. Plasma is the colorless fluid portion of our blood, which does not contain cells but is composed of antibodies produced by the immune system to fight infections and diseases.

The nanosecond electric pulses last for about 50 to 100 nanoseconds with an intensity of up to 10kV. Dentists have recognized the worth of such a tool in preventing post-operative bacterial infection in endodontology and some other medical fields. Sometimes employing additional procedures, such as mechanical cleaning or application of hypochlorite, for clearing away plaque from the root canal system, results in severe infection in the mouth. Laser systems are also quite effective in this regard, but they are costly and may not be as safe as the plasma probe.

Moreover, laser treatment sometimes causes a condition known as tissue trauma, which takes a long time to recover. Other than cavity disinfection, plasma dental probe can also be used for root canal sterilization and cleaning of tooth and gum surfaces during dental surgery. Plasma probe generates the plasma plume, which ultimately destroys the bacteria within the root canal. Another application of such a device has been seen in the treatment of fungus-related topical diseases. Different types of plasma tools are available for specific applications. The plasma treatment is not only safe but also very effective and simple for root canal sterilization.

More accurately known as nanosecond pulsed plasma dental probe, it is a tubular device developed for disinfecting root canal systems during endodontic treatment. How plasma actually works is not clear, but many scientists believe that atomic oxygen is responsible for clearing bacteria within the mouth. It acts as an antibacterial agent and because of the adjustable reach of plasma plume, it goes to even the most unreachable of areas and clears bacteria from there. The device is not new to the world of medicine. However, due to the latest discovery and its safe operation, the tool will be employed for many dental and medical applications in the future.

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