Does Invisalign Cost More Than Braces?

For most families, the cost of dental care is a very real concern, but even the wealthiest of families share one sentiment with all the others: wanting to get the best quality possible for what you pay. When evaluating the cost of Invisalign versus traditional metal braces, you should consider not only the price but the increased quality of life that Invisalign provides during treatment.

Since its inception, Invisalign has become incredibly popular and for good reason – it provides the same effectiveness in bite correction as braces without the restrictions and social implications. In the eyes of the patient, these differences are worth their weight in gold. Even so, patients considering Invisalign in Sierra Madre raise a valid question about the difference in cost compared with traditional braces, so we’ve provided some helpful information below to help.

Custom Correction for Your Specific Needs

Everyone’s mouth is different and each patient has a unique situation and problems to be addressed. Because of this, it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact cost of your particular Invisalign treatment until we’re able to do a thorough evaluation of what needs correcting. That said, there is some concrete information we can provide up front:

  • Insurance – Invisalign is actually classified as an orthodontist procedure which means that many health insurance plans will cover it. Check with your insurance provider to find out what your coverage is for Invisalign.
  • FSA – A flexible spending account is a great way to save up and pay for your Invisalign treatment. You can apply for an FSA and then contribute to it using pre-tax dollars. Once you’ve paid for your treatment, you can apply for reimbursement.
  • Payment plans – Many dentists will set up an incremental payment plan where you can pay for your Invisalign over time. Dr. Q Dental accepts Care Credit to assist patients in paying for treatment and we even provide applications online or in our office.

Sierra Madre Invisalign patients have been coming to Dr. Q Dental for friendly, professional, and quality treatment for years. If you want a perfect smile without the drawbacks of traditional, metal braces, your ideal choice is Invisalign.

Don’t let concerns of cost stand in the way of the right treatment for you. Call Dr. Q Dental at 626.599.9818 and let us help you start down the road to a perfect smile today.