Do I Need a Retainer After Invisalign?

Our teeth really are amazing, aren’t they? When it’s time, baby teeth fall out and adult teeth grow in to take their place without any intervention or coaxing from us. If your teeth grow in straight, this can all seem quite wonderful, but when they don’t, you probably find yourself wishing you had a bit more control.

If this describes you, you may already know that Invisalign has already helped so many people get the smile they want. Monrovia’s Dr. Q Dental has been providing this popular alternative to braces for years now. But you may be wondering what happens after treatment is completed? Will you need a retainer to keep your teeth in place or will they stay on their own?

Understanding Invisalign

Using the same basic premise as traditional braces, Invisalign gradually moves your teeth into the proper position by applying constant pressure. The major differences between braces and Invisalign are:

  • The retainers don’t have to be attached to your teeth like braces
  • Neighboring teeth are not used as anchor points from which to apply pressure
  • Invisalign treatment doesn’t require dietary restrictions common to braces (i.e. no carbonated drinks, etc.)

Every two weeks, your retainer is swapped out for another that will continue moving your teeth in the right direction. As your teeth move, a ligament inside your mouth stretches to allow the movement. Once complete, though you should have no continuing discomfort from the stretching, your mouth’s natural tendency is to revert to its original state, so continued help is required to keep your teeth in their new configuration.

The Role of the Retainer

After you stop wearing your Invisalign treatment retainer, your mouth will start to change back to the way it was prior to treatment. The change will be extremely gradual, but it will happen. Many patients ask if they can just use their Invisalign retainer to prevent this, but Invisalign retainers aren’t designed for long-term use. Once your treatment is concluded, we’ll take a mold of your teeth and craft a permanent retainer to assist in preserving their new state.

Dr. Q will provide you with all the specifics on how to use and care for your permanent retainer when she gives it to you. Simply follow her instructions for wear and you’ll be sure to preserve your perfect smile for years to come.

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