Dental Decathlon 2013

After watching the Olympics in 2010, I thought it would be so cool to have a fun, family and teamwork oriented activity to do with my dental team. I decided to call a couple of friends who have their own practices and brought up the idea of having a friendly inter-office competition of 10 picnics type games and call it the Dental Decathlon. Dr. Kathleen Hwang of Hwang Orthodontics and Dr. Donna Klauser of Arcadia Perio Care were game for it and hence the first Dental Decathlon was held in Oct 2011!

It was such a great success and turnout that we had an even bigger and crazier one in 2012 and I would like to share some of what we did through this video. This recent one included the dental team of Dr. Mike Yung from Pasadena.

The goal is to continue team building, sportsmanship and camaraderie through this annual event and possibly to expand it to other dental colleagues who may benefit from this experience.


1. The Naked and Famous – Young Blood

2. Florence + The Machine – Dog Days are Over

3. Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started

5. Owl City – Fireflies

5. Pitbull Featuring Ke$ha – Timber