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As a Sierra Madre dentist, Dr. Q sees many patients each year who are nervous about their regular check-ups. She fully understands the anxiety that some of her patients deal with when it comes to visiting the dentist.

As a Sierra Madre dentist, Dr. Q believes in educating her patients and her entire community on how to properly care for their oral health. So much so that she contributes significant time to charities in her community.

As a Sierra Madre dentist, Dr. Q is constantly working to keep abreast of the latest high-quality technology and materials available. The same is true for her work with her youngest patients. She understands how scary visiting the dentist can be for little ones, which is why she takes great care to create a pleasant, welcoming, and safe environment for children.

Toothaches can be very debilitating when they occur, crippling the function of other parts of the body as well. They may occur as a result of tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, and infected gum, repetitive motions of the gum/teeth, or a damaged filling. Depending on the exact cause, a toothache might mysteriously disappear, leaving you […]

As a dentist with a holistic approach, Dr. Q provides her patients with information and education regarding diet, lifestyle choices, and nutritional supplements that may help enhance their overall health and contribute to healthier teeth and gums.  With a view toward long-term dental health, Dr. Q recommends several nutritional supplements that may assist patients in […]

A dry socket is a common problem and it is a dental health issue that can be fixed easily. However, if you neglect it, it can have serious consequences. If you believe you may have a dry socket, it is essential to go to your dentist right away. What Is a Dry Socket? Dry socket […]

There are two main reasons why one can have bad breath – dental hygiene problems and gastrointestinal issues. This means that bad breath originates not just because of improper oral hygiene, but also due to problems in the digestive system. The main reason why these odors are formed is the same, i.e. bacteria. If we […]

The way our upper and lower jaw fit together is known as occlusion. Traumatic occlusion is also called a bad bite in dentistry, and it is considered a disease requiring prompt treatment. In this condition, a person’s teeth are not aligned properly. This affects their smile and the normal functioning of the mouth. What is […]

Burning mouth syndrome is an oral concern that causes burning pain in the mouth affecting the tongue, gums, and the inside of the mouth. Usually, the pain is chronic and has no apparent cause. Sometimes the pain is severe and unbearable. Burning mouth syndrome is also known as scalded mouth syndrome, burning lips syndrome, and […]