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When Sierra Madre patients visit Dr. Q for cosmetic dentistry procedures, one of the questions they most often asked is, “Will my insurance cover my procedure?” This is a completely understandable question. After all, if you have insurance, you’ll want to use it whenever possible.

Every year, Dr. Q meets with many Sierra Madre men and women who have questions about cosmetic dentistry. One of the top questions she’s asked is whether or not cosmetic dentistry can correct the function of their teeth, while also improving the aesthetics of their smile.

It seems that everyone in Monrovia these days wants a whiter, more beautiful smile. And who can blame them? Your smile gives you confidence and is an important part of the first impression that you make. But unfortunately, teeth darken and yellow over time due to age, eating and smoking habits, and dental conditions, causing […]

So many adults who have less than perfect teeth feel stuck. After all, short of costly and extensive procedures like dental implants, what can really be done? It’s true – not everyone has the time, money, and desire to pursue such things, but for many cosmetic dental issues, there’s another solution: porcelain veneers. Monrovia based […]

Cosmetic dental surgery has become the most popular surgery in these days and millions of people are trying to avail such techniques for better dental health. There was a time when people used to consider these surgeries a part of health issues but this issue has turned into a fashion statement. Though, this dental surgery […]

Instant dental implant has its pros and cons. Specialists on subject of implants have taken a view that immediate loading of implants can be riskier due to the undefined and unexplored diagnosis that relates to it. It is primarily because of this reason that general practitioners are not recommended to undertake such early implants. Having […]

Cosmetic dentistry is a vast field covering all the dental treatments including; dental implants, dentures, bridges, fillings and braces. All these procedures are performed to enhance your smile, beauty and improve your aesthetics. Discoloration of teeth, missing teeth, crooked, cracked or uneven teeth, spaces between teeth, all such problems may not cause any pain or […]

Full mouth reconstruction is used in cosmetic dentistry to improve a person’s smile and overall aesthetics of the mouth. It may include minor procedures like porcelain veneers and bonding as well as some complex ones including orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of teeth and dental implants to replace severely damaged or broken teeth. In […]

Everyone wants to have a prefect smile to look and feel good. However, many of us are also dissatisfied with our smile because of some oral problems related to teeth, gum line, and facial injuries. Cosmetic or plastic periodontal surgery is performed to provide the patient with a more beautiful smile by correcting an uneven […]

With the introduction of many cosmetic procedures that help to improve a person’s smile, more and more people now wish to go through these procedures to perk up their appearance and self-confidence. A major reason for adopting one of these procedures, apart from misaligned or crooked teeth, is discoloration of teeth. Stained teeth are a […]