Home Cosmetic Dentistry What is Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Portrait of Dr. QRestorative dentistry involves the use of crowns and bridges to restore a person’s smile by replacing broken, crooked or decayed teeth. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, deals with improving the aesthetics of the mouth by using certain dental procedures such as bonding, fillings and implants. Although both these types involve the use of restorative methods to improve the appearance of the teeth, they are considered two separate branches of dentistry. While crowns and bridges are often required for the treatment of common teeth problems and oral diseases, cosmetic procedures are merely employed for the improvement of the smile.

Restorative methods are required to complement fillings, bonding and implants. Because of this reason, restorative and cosmetic procedures are used in relation to one another. But many a times only crowns or bridges may prove to be sufficient to complete the job of restoring natural teeth. Crowns are usually used to repair a single decayed or broken tooth. There are many types of crowns depending on their material and the function they perform. Crowns are also used as an alternative to fillings because amalgam fillings are now considered dangerous for health.

Crowns and bridges are commonly employed to prevent deterioration of gum disease or other oral conditions. As such these treatments serve to strengthen a tooth and put a stop to further decay. A dental crown may be prescribed by a dentist to improve the appearance of a repaired or restored tooth. Normally porcelain crowns are used for the front teeth because this material is very close in resemblance to the natural tooth color. But this type of a crown is usually used for improving the appearance of the teeth and therefore porcelain veneers can prove to be a better option in such a case.

This brings us back to cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are very commonly used by cosmetic dentists to repair chipped, stained and decayed teeth. This procedure is totally painless and less expensive as compared to other cosmetic and restorative procedures. Porcelain veneers are used in a complete smile makeover to give a natural look to the teeth and also to prevent further decay and damage. People who have severely discolored teeth due to overuse of tobacco products, tea and coffee should opt for porcelain or other types of dental veneers.

A dental bridge, which is a restorative method, is used to restore a person’s ability to properly chew and to fill the gaps between teeth. There are many types of bridges currently in use by the dentists. Traditional bridges are made up of porcelain or other ceramic materials. Some bridges also require the use of metal structures to hold them in place. Bonding is used to complete bridgework and to support the newly implanted teeth.

Although many of the above mentioned dental treatments are similar in terms of functionality, they are entirely different from one another in terms of materials used and the overall procedure. They are also different in the context of price. Cosmetic procedures usually require the services of more than one dentist and therefore they are more expensive than traditional dental procedures. However, your dentist will be able to tell what type of procedure is required to completely cure your particular oral condition.