3 Common Causes of Cavities

Monrovia DentistCavities are almost certainly the top concern for our patients when it comes to their oral health. From a very early age we are all taught that we need to brush and floss our teeth every day so that we can avoid getting cavities filled at the dentist. Monrovia patients that discover they need to have a cavity treated often ask us what may have caused it? Because we get this question so often, we wanted to put together the 3 most common reasons why our patients get cavities. Take a look below and if you suspect that you may have a cavity make sure that you call us today at (626) 599-9819.

What Is A Cavity?

Before we get into the common causes of cavities, let’s first look at what a cavity actually is. Your tooth is covered in a very hard substance called enamel. The enamel coating on your teeth is the hardest substance your body can make.

However, your mouth is home to billions of different bacteria. Some of them are good; some are bad. The bad ones feed on the leftover food that gets stuck to your teeth. As the bacteria feed, they excrete a powerful acid as a byproduct. This acid will eventually eat through the enamel on the teeth. At this point, patients can stop the process by getting the cavity filled by a dentist. Monrovia patients that wait to get their cavities filled will often suffer a more serious infection.

Once the acid eats through the enamel, the bacteria can then start to attack the soft, vulnerable inside of your teeth called the dentin. If the hole in the enamel is not filled, the bacteria can create an infection on the very inside of the tooth called the pulp. At this stage, the infection can turn into a root infection and require a root canal procedure.

3 Common Causes of Cavities

Now that we know what cavities are we can look at 3 of the most common causes for cavities.

  1. Lack of oral hygiene – Cleaning your teeth regularly removes the food on which the bacteria in your mouth feed. Certain mouthwashes also kill the bacteria themselves. Floss removes colonies of bacteria that collect under your gums. All of these things stop or greatly slow down the process of the bacteria eating away at your teeth. Good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t need extra visits to the dentist. Monrovia patients can do quite a bit to prevent cavities just by practicing good oral hygiene.
  2. Diet – The bacteria in your mouth love to eat sugar and carbohydrates. Eating a diet full of soft drinks and junk food leaves lots of food for the bacteria to feast upon. But on top of that, many soft drinks and juices are also very acidic which can actually wear away at the enamel on your teeth.
  3. Dry mouth – As the bacteria grow and multiply in your mouth, they form a thin layer on your teeth called plaque. Saliva helps prevent plaque growth. People who suffer from dry mouth may be at greater risk of cavities.

Why Choose Dr. Q As Your Dentist

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