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There’s nothing worse than tooth pain- that dreadful, ongoing ache affects everything you do and can make your life a nightmare. If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know what we’re talking about. Toothaches are a common thing and can be the result of something as simple as sensitivity to hot or cold fluids or a crack in the tooth. Another obvious cause of a toothache is cavities.

But tooth pain can also be more complex and the sometimes the cause can be less obvious for Monrovia patients. What many people don’t realize is that sinus infections can cause a world of pain, both in the sinuses themselves and in your teeth.

If you suspect you’re having tooth pain because of a sinus infection, read on for more information about what you should do.

Sinus Infections- What You Should Know

Sinus infections are also known as sinusitis, and they often occur when the cavities in the nasal passages become inflamed or infected. The causes of sinusitis can be either a viral or bacterial and can be brought on either by allergies or a cold. Anyone suffering from the condition should see a doctor for advice on treatment.

During a bout of sinusitis, mucus builds up, impeding proper drainage, which is a problem mainly because it’s really uncomfortable. But it’s also an issue because the nasal passages become moist due to the mucus buildup, which creates the perfect environment for infections to thrive.

Why Sinusitis Hurts Your Teeth

More often, if you’ve got a toothache, you know why. But if the reason for your tooth pain is not immediately obvious and you’ve been suffering from nasal congestion, you may want to consider sinus issues.


It’s all about where your teeth are in your body. After all, the roots of your upper teeth, especially your molars, are right next to your sinuses. So, if you’ve got inflammation or even worse, infection in the area, it can cause some pain.

What Should Monrovia Patients Do?

If you suspect you might have a sinus infection, especially one severe enough to cause tooth pain, you need to see your doctor. Depending on the severity of the pain you may choose to ask for an expedited appointment. Either way, it’s important to be seen. You may find temporary relief with over-the-counter meds, but a sinus infection requires antibiotics.

Taking Care of Tooth Pain

In the meantime, if your tooth pain is causing you discomfort, there are some important steps that you should take:

  • Make an appointment with Monrovia dentist, Dr. Q to ensure that your tooth pain is originating in your sinuses and that it isn’t a dental issue.
  • As with any time that mucus is an issue, be sure to up your fluid intake – drinking plenty of water, or clear fluids will help thin the mucus out. This will help with unblocking your nasal passages.
  • Inhaling steam can help to help break down the mucus, and there are a couple of different ways to do this. You can either purchase a facial steaming unit from your local drugstore or take a hot shower several times daily.
  • If the blockage is bothering you when you lie down to sleep, be sure to use a humidifier in your room to ensure adequate moisture in the air.
  • And of course, remember that looking after your sinus infection will take care of your tooth pain as well.

Suffering from tooth pain due to a sinus infection is uncomfortable, so be sure to contact Monrovia dentist, Dr. Q for fast advice if you’re having issues.

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