Older female with black rimmed glasses and beautiful full mouth of teeth

Full mouth reconstruction is used in cosmetic dentistry to improve a person’s smile and overall aesthetics of the mouth. It may include minor procedures like porcelain veneers and bonding as well as some complex ones including orthodontic treatment to correct the alignment of teeth and dental implants to replace severely damaged or broken teeth. In addition to these, inlays, onlays, bridgework and crowns are also required in some cases to provide restorative benefit. Nowadays latest medical equipment is used to identify problems within the mouth and accordingly required procedures are applied for a full mouth reconstruction. 3D preview and computer aided smile design are some of the programs dentists use these days for providing a perfect and flawless treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry is also employed in cases where functional problems are required to be corrected. This includes painful or inflamed gums and improperly aligned upper and lower jaws. Moreover, problems related to TMJ or temporomandibular joint are also addressed by a full mouth reconstruction. People opt for this cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve the shape and appearance of their face. In addition to this, stained teeth are made brighter and more natural looking with the help of laser teeth whitening. As a result the entire appearance of a person improves.

The services of general or restorative dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists are normally required in a full mouth reconstruction. In some cases periodontists are also required to handle the problems related to the gums. Damaged nerves and pulps are addressed by a root canal treatment and for that purpose an endodontist might be required. Because of the involvement of a number of specialized dentists in full mouth reconstruction, this cosmetic dentistry procedure can be quite expensive. However, if you only require one or two simple procedures like veneers, tooth whitening or fillings, then a general dentist will be sufficient.

Since a full mouth reconstruction also addresses functional problems in addition to improving a person’s smile, it is different from a smile makeover. A smile makeover is a purely cosmetic treatment; however, full mouth reconstruction can be seen as a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. It is recommended when there are multiple missing and severely broken teeth, misaligned jaw and problems related to improper bite including frequent headaches and trouble achieving proper oral hygiene. Newly reconstructed teeth require special care in order to prevent bleeding gums and periodontal disease and therefore the services of a periodontist are also required in a full mouth reconstruction.

In cosmetic dentistry you have quite a number of options available to correct multiple problems related to the mouth to improve your smile and appearance. However, when several problems exist that need overlapping dental treatments, a non-surgical procedure known as full mouth reconstruction is recommended by the dentists. This procedure covers several treatments ranging from simple teeth cleaning and crown lengthening to complicated orthodontic surgery and implant placement. Bone and tissue grafting is also needed in some cases to protect newly restored teeth and to improve their life.