Monrovia Dentist Being able to flash a beautiful, shimmering white smile is something that many of our Monrovia patients dream about. It shows that you’re healthy and also can be a big boost of confidence for your career and social life. While our teeth start off when we’re young as a brilliant white color, there are many different types of food and drink (as well as trauma and injuries) that can cause stains or discoloration. In this blog post, we’ll examine a few of the common causes of brown stains on the teeth. We’ll also look at what you can do to stop it, including getting teeth whitening.

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Common Causes of Brown Stains on Your Teeth

Here are a few of the most common causes of brown stains on the teeth. Even though your teeth may be stained, an ideal to lighten your teeth is with teeth whitening. Monrovia patients can get beautiful, bright white teeth in just a few treatments.

  • Beverages and Food – Foods like pasta sauce and berries have high levels of stain-causing elements that can turn your teeth brown. Beverages like coffee, red wine, and even dark sodas can also cause your teeth to turn a brownish color. Brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth, and drinking through a straw could help prevent these stains.
  • Smoking – Another significant source of brown stains is smoking cigarettes or cigars frequently. Tobacco stains are one of the common reasons for teeth whitening. Monrovia patients that have quit smoking should give us a call to brighten up their new smile.
  • Decay and Cavities – Cavities form when the outer layer of enamel gets worn away by the bacteria in your mouth. When this happens, the decay can sometimes turn a brownish color. This will show up as spots of brown around the teeth.
  • Tartar – The bacteria in your mouth form a sticky layer on your teeth called plaque. If left untouched, plaque will eventually turn into a hard substance called tartar that can turn brown.

How to Get Started with Teeth Whitening

Monrovia patients that avoid smiling or speaking up in conversations because of discolored teeth should call Dr. Q at (626) 599-9819 for teeth whitening. Many of our patients can brighten their smile by a few shades in about an hour. When you call, one of our welcoming and highly-trained staff will greet you.

Getting calls from new patients is something we look forward to every day. We’re always happy to answer your questions, talk to you about your concerns, and help you in any way that we can. The next step is to schedule a convenient time for you to come in for a visit in our comfortable offices. Before the teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Q will perform an oral examination to make sure your teeth and mouth are healthy. We can’t wait to help you get the fabulous pearly whites you have always dreamed of showing off!