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Tooth or dental sealants are used to prevent tooth decay and the formation of cavities. Due to the irregular surfaces of our teeth plaque gets accumulated and sometimes it becomes difficult to remove it. As a result it attracts bacteria which cause cavities and the tooth starts to decay and eventually becomes dead. In order to handle the problem of cavities, especially in children, dental sealants are used. These are plastic resins that can be bonded to the surface of teeth to protect them from further decay and damage. Cavities usually form on molars and back teeth because they are harder to clean than other the teeth on the front.

Moreover, these teeth are not that much visible and it’s hard to tell whether they have been cleaned or not. Regular dental checkups are required to see if there’s a problem and if a cavity is forming, immediate treatment must be given to save the tooth. Dental sealants are placed on the surface of the teeth to make it smoother so that plaque would not get accumulated and the teeth will be protected from bacteria. The dental sealant procedure needs to be repeated over the years to effectively protect the teeth that are at risk of decay. The procedure usually starts at an early age.

Dental sealants provide many advantages. First of all, they protect the teeth from decay and secondly they make it easy to brush even those teeth which are not visible clearly. As a result, each and every tooth is cleaned properly and is free from plaque. If you want to maintain your dental health, it is highly recommended that you opt for sealants. Since they are quite inexpensive and totally harmless, people have no reservations regarding their application. Dental sealants are particularly useful for kids who still have baby teeth.

Tooth sealants are also used as an alternative to amalgam fillings because they are made from composite materials and are quite safe. These materials are also known as synthetic porcelain and their color resembles our natural tooth color. They are used to fill gaps when crowns or veneers are applied. The sealant is liquid when applied to the tooth surface and it is hardened with the help of ultra violet (UV) light. Application of dental sealants is a totally painless procedure and these materials are usually used in conjunction with fluoride to provide a complete treatment.

You will be required to visit a dental therapist or a general dentist to have dental sealants placed on your teeth. It only takes a few minutes to complete the procedure and there are no injections or drilling involved. Today high-quality sealants are being manufactured which last for up to 15 years. However, it is advisable to keep visiting the dentist after every 6 months to have them inspected. To prevent cavity formation and tooth decay one should eat a well-balanced diet and avoid sugary foods. In addition to this, regular brushing and flossing also helps to achieve proper oral hygiene and to prevent decay and disease.