Middle aged man smiling after laser dentistry

Only a few years back patients were terrified of getting implants and one of the reasons for this anxiety was the time it took to complete the surgery and actually start leading a normal life again. With the advancement in medical science in general and dentistry in particular, it is now possible to get dental implants in an hour. The teeth-in-an-hour technique refers to a computer assisted surgery in which 3D visualizations provide the dentists with a complete look of the patient’s mouth. With the help of these figures and other modern equipment, the process of getting implants becomes very simplified and fast.

Dental implants are permanent replacements for lost, decayed or severely injured teeth. Dentists all over the world advise getting implants as an alternative to partial or full dentures which are not easy to maintain. The teeth-in-an-hour surgery allows the dentists to accurately assess bone structure in order to save time and safely position implants in their required places. Traditional implant surgery requires patients to wait for a long period before starting hard chewing and biting. Teeth-in-an-hour surgery, on the other hand, can allow a patient to start eating the very same day without any difficulty or pain.

Now there are implant surgery videos available out there which can be seen before going to the dentist. This helps to clear away any doubts one might have about this new technique of getting implants in a matter of minutes instead of months. Some of the advantages of this surgery include low cost, almost painless procedure, minimal healing time, and no complications. The technique uses a drilling template developed by Nobel Biocare of Sweden to create the final titanium framework that is surgically placed in the mouth. Although the surgery itself takes less than an hour, the complete procedure completes in a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Nobel teeth-in-an-hour is a one-day surgery and the patient is not required to undergo multiple surgeries as in the case of traditional implants. The guide that arrives from Nobel Biocare makes the operation quite easy and straight forward. The main work is done prior to the surgical procedure and the patient does not suffer from any dental phobia or anxiety. There is no discomfort after the surgery and the patient leaves the dental chair completely satisfied. Dental implants are often used in smile makeovers or full mouth reconstruction procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Now this latest technique is used to give patients complete confidence over their smiles.

Traditional implants are considered costly and convoluted. Some people never go for implants because there might be unexpected complications involved. Furthermore, the dentists cannot assure before the surgery whether the procedure will be successful or not. The so-called permanent solution may not prove to be permanent and multiple surgeries might be required. All these doubts and concerns are removed with the introduction of teeth-in-an-hour technique which is not only fast but also ensures long-lasting solution to missing or damaged teeth. This methodology is now offered by many dentists across the globe.