Peptide FluidRemember those uneasy moments when you were standing in front of dentist’s office, listening to the sound of the drill and wondering why your heartbeat is so fast? Many people experience pain during dental treatments and because of that they are afraid of even thinking about going to the dentist. For this reason they tend to neglect their oral health and visit the dentist only when the pain in unbearable. How would you feel if I told you that all that pain will remain history? Our world is going faster and faster, new techniques are born every day, new problems are solved in every minute. It was time to discover a painless way of treating decayed teeth, right?

First, let’s see what tooth decay means and how it can be treated. Tooth decay is a normal process; it can happen even if you clean your teeth properly. I guess there are only a few people who didn’t have this problem. The bacteria that are in your mouth and on your teeth produce acids that destroy the enamel of your teeth. This is why it is essential to maintain a good oral hygiene. Washing your teeth every day helps you getting rid of these bacteria. The little pores caused by the damage of these acids grow and grow until the cavity reaches the root of the tooth causing severe problems. You should know that if you neglect a decayed tooth, there is a possibility that it can’t be saved, it has to be pulled out. The usual treatment of a decayed tooth is drilling it and filling the hole with a kind of material that seals the tooth.

So now the great news: scientist discovered a fluid that might mean the end of drilling and painful tooth treatments. It takes nothing more than applying this fluid on the decayed tooth and it will do its job. The tooth will be as good as new in a short time, no foreign materials and long drillings are needed. This “magic fluid” contains a peptide called P 11-4. Let’s see closer how it really works. The fluid, after it was applied on the decayed tooth fills the cracks and pores and forms a gel. Later this gel holds the calcium and other minerals to regenerate the tooth. The procedure is as simple as this.

This “magic fluid” was tested on some people and the experiment proved that the scientist were right. This fluid does stop tooth decay and it helps regenerate the tooth. Scientists are planning to try the peptide on more people and if the results are as expected, we are looking at a big change in the history of dental treatment. Patients can forget painful drilling and dental treatments won’t be associated with pain. Researchers say that there are only a few studies left until they introduce this new technology to the world. It is possible that in a few years it will be a common procedure in every dentist’s office.