Myths and MisconceptionsRoot canals are still an alarming name to many of us. To get a clearer picture of root canals, on should be aware of the following myths about them and get rid of all the misunderstandings and misconceptions about them.
i.    Root canal treatment is not painful anymore
It is true that the treatment for root canal used to hurt a lot previously. The American Association of Endodontists claims that the root canal procedure is no more painful due to the advent of modern techniques and technology. So, it is very important to inform the unaware patients who are afraid of the pain they are predicting.
ii.    Root canal is time taking
People often postpone or cancel their root canal treatment due to lack of time as they could not visit the dentist too often or for too long. However, the modern technology has made it possible to have your root canal done in just one or two visits.
iii.    Root canal due to crowning
It is not at all right to relate crowns with the need of root canal. People think that it is the crowns which eventually lead to root canal therapy. It is wrong. If a crowned tooth needs root canal, it is probably because the underlying tooth has abscessed or the infection has reached the roots of the tooth.
iv.    Root canal does not cause diseases
In older days people assumed that root canal therapy causes other diseases. Today, due to the accurate sterilization and root canal treatment advancements, this misconception has disproved totally. A person having a root canal is no more at risk of developing some ailment.
v.    Root canals remove roots of teeth
It is a common disbelief that the dentists take out the roots of the teeth under root canal therapy. This is not true again. The pulp of the tooth is taken out, and not its root.
vi.    Root canal is safe for pregnant women
Pregnant women can safely have root canals. Most of the women are afraid of the x-ray done for examining the tooth. The x-ray is intended for the oral region, and the abdominal region plus the growing kid inside are safe from its hazardous effects. Moreover, the radiologist covers the abdomen with shield cover to protect it more. Some other women are afraid of the anesthetic drugs. Keep your dentist informed about your pregnancy so that he can choose a safe anesthetic drug for you.
vii.    Root canal does not persist
People let their teeth suffer as they think the affected tooth will come out over the time. If proper care is given with proper hygiene to the tooth, the root canal tooth persists for life.
viii.    Pain is not always seen as a symptom
Usually the tooth aches when it requires root canal treatment. But it does not mean that if there is no pain, there is no need for a root canal. Dentists and associated professionals can determine the situation of your teeth well. Seek their medical advice for better therapy.
ix.    Root canal is always better than having your entire tooth pulled out
There is no alternative to natural things. Similarly there is no substitute for natural teeth. Try to keep them intact as long as possible. It is always better and recommended to get your damaged tooth a root canal treatment. If not, your natural tooth may get lost. Of course there are alternatives like dentures, partial dentures, dental implants and fixed dental bridges but they are not only expensive but hinder proper eating and chewing.
x.    Root canal follow ups
For complete restoration of your tooth, make follow up appointments with your dentist. It is very important for its complete health to have it checked by the dentist.