Better Than A BridgeWhen it comes to dental procedures, people usually go for the ones that do not involve complex methods and are not very expensive. Choosing an implant over a bridge is therefore a difficult decision because implants require surgery and may be quite expensive in certain cases. However, dental implants are much more effective than bridges in the long run and are also better in terms of oral health. The fact that they usually last longer than bridges accounts for the high cost that is generally associated with implant surgery. Another reason that makes implants better than bridges is their appearance, which makes them look exactly like real teeth.

Implants can last for several years and even a lifetime if properly taken care of. They also easily adjust with adjacent teeth as compared to dental bridges, which tend to weaken the teeth next to them and over time cause further tooth loss. If a person has had a dental bridge, they would find it difficult to floss and brush. On the other hand, it’s much easier to floss thoroughly around a dental implant. Although implants require a complex surgical procedure, once they are properly placed they can be regarded just as real teeth and become a part of the mouth as compared to bridges.

Because implants look like real teeth, they are chosen over bridges because of the poor aesthetic results in case of dental bridges. A bridge simply replaces a missing tooth and does not provide any other benefit. On the other hand, implants emerge from the gum just like natural teeth do. Moreover, they have a root just like a real tooth does and over time the quality and density of this root improves because of the load that is placed on the implant.

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A bridge does not involve any such mechanism; in fact, over time the root becomes weaker and may cause the bridge to fall off. Maintaining your jaw health should be the foremost priority when deciding for any kind of dental procedure. This is achieved naturally and in a better way in case of dental implants than bridges. Implants do not disturb the health of the neighboring teeth and in this way the overall health of the mouth is maintained.

When more than one tooth needs to be replaced, implant-supported bridges are usually recommended. This type of replacement does not require support from neighboring teeth as compared to fixed bridges. It is also more comfortable and aesthetically better looking than fixed bridges or removable partial dentures. Even if a person is in need of replacement of all teeth, an implant-supported full bridge can serve the purpose very well.
In short, implants are definitely better than bridges in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics. When deciding between these two dental procedures, keep the afore-mentioned points in mind and then go for the one that meets your requirements.