Oral CancerCancer is a serious disease; many people get it and die each year. Oral cancer occurs in 37000 people a year in the USA. As long as it is discovered in an early stage, there are good chances that it can be cured. Oral cancer needs the same treatment as other forms of cancer: surgery and chemotherapy. This type of cancer can appear basically anywhere in the mouth, on the tongue, lips, or mucous membrane. It is a growth that can have many different looks, it damages the tissue and it might bleed. There are some symptoms that might be the signs of oral cancer. Pain, lumps in the mouth, discoloration of the tissue, weight loss and other health problems are just some of the possible symptoms.

Oral cancer can occur at anyone, but there are some factors that increase this chance. One of the worst habits that has a high chance of causing oral cancer is smoking. Whether you are smoking cigarettes, pipe or just use tobacco, you are exposed to getting oral cancer. Drinking a lot of alcohol is also bad for the mucous membrane in your mouth. Other risk factors are an unhealthy diet and drinking very hot beverages. Cancer might also be hereditary. If you have people in your family who had cancer, there is a higher risk for you to get it.

There are some things you can do to prevent oral cancer. First of all, oral hygiene is very important in maintaining healthy teeth, gums and mouth. Dentists advise to brush your teeth at least twice a day. In addition, floss your teeth or use a mouthwash daily. A regular visit to the dentist will help you prevent a lot of problems or discover them while it is not too late. You can check your mouth yourself on a regular basis. Just take a mirror and take a look if everything is alright. If you realize that something is not right, go to your dentist as soon as possible. Maybe it is nothing; however, it is best to check it.

Another tip to prevent oral cancer and many other health problems is having a good diet. Pay attention on what you eat! There is that saying, “you are what you eat”, which has a lot of truth. Keeping healthy diet, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and less fat is half way for a healthy life. Some vitamins, such as vitamin A, B and E are essential for a good oral health.
Try to give up bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol. This might be really hard for some people, but in the end it is worth it. Remember, by giving up smoking and drinking you only do good to you. Smoking can lead not only to oral cancer but a lot of different diseases as well.