Monrovia Dentist Our teeth have to be incredibly strong to withstand the daily demands of chewing and biting. But despite their toughness, our teeth are susceptible to staining and discoloration. While there are many different factors that can cause stains on our teeth, the foods and beverages that we eat and drink are the main culprits. We’re going to highlight 10 of the top foods and drinks that can cause stains on your teeth. But even if your teeth aren’t bright white, there is still hope. One of the best methods of reducing teeth stains is teeth whitening. Monrovia patients can sometimes brighten their smile by a couple of shades in just under an hour!

If you’re tired of having unsightly discolored teeth call Monrovia dentist, Dr. Q today at (626) 599-9819. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Q provides world-class teeth whitening, along with a whole range of other treatments including Invisalign and dental implants. Our patients love how gentle Dr. Q is and they’ve even taken the time to write about their incredible experiences on our Reviews page. If you’re ready to get a fabulous smile that lights up any room, get in touch with us today.

Top 10 Teeth Staining Foods

We’ve put together a short list of the 10 most teeth-staining foods. But even if your teeth are already stained, you can still brighten them with teeth whitening. Monrovia patients that stop themselves from smiling or joining a conversation because of their discolored teeth should call Dr. Q today.

  1. Coffee – A substance called tannins in coffee can cause dark stains on the teeth. Because the outside of the teeth is porous, it tends to absorb these tannins and become discolored.
  2. Tea – Just like coffee, tea is also packed with tannins that will discolor your teeth. The darker types of tea like English breakfast have more tannins in them than other varieties like green tea.
  3. Soda – The dark color of cola can stain your teeth–but that’s not all. Soda is also very acidic which can wear down the enamel and cause even more staining.
  4. Red Wine – Just like coffee and tea, red wine is full of tannins that will stain your teeth. One solution is to rinse your mouth out with water after a glass of red wine.
  5. Soy Sauce – There are very dark food dyes that are used in soy sauce that will also stain your teeth.
  6. Pasta Sauce – Tomato sauce is very acidic which is one reason why it can contribute to stains on your teeth.
  7. Berries – Blueberries and raspberries are vibrantly colored and can transfer to your teeth, leaving stains.
  8. Curry – Another colorful and flavorful dish, curries are delicious but can leave stains on your teeth as well.
  9. Lemon Juice – The issue with lemon juice is its acidity. It will wear down the enamel on your teeth and make them more susceptible to stains.
  10. Artificial Colors – Finally, treats like popsicles and hard candy with artificial coloring can cause discoloration of your teeth.

Why Patients Come to Dr. Q for Teeth Whitening

Monrovia patients that get teeth whitening are often able to see remarkable results after the first treatment. On top of the incredible results, our patients rave about Dr. Q because of how efficient and compassionate she is. Dr. Q has built her practice by listening carefully to all of her patients. She takes your concerns and questions seriously and she is always honest and transparent. You will know exactly what’s going on at every step of your visit. With teeth whitening, Monrovia patients usually don’t require an anesthetic. However, we offer a full range of sedation dentistry options to make sure that your comfortable throughout your visit.

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