An Arcadia Dentist Focused on Providing the Best Patient Experience

Charlyn Quiec, DMD—known as “Dr. Q” to her Arcadia dental patients—manages her practice with a specific approach to care. It’s her goal as a dentist to provide an outstanding patient experience.

“I treat my patients using the best technology and dental techniques in an inviting setting,” she says of her work. “But I think that’s only part of what makes our practice special.”

Arcadia Dental Patients as Guests

Located just east of Arcadia, Dr. Q’s dental practice offers a unique experience beyond the expertise and resources you can expect as a patient.

“We want patients to feel like they are coming over to a friend’s home instead of going to the dentist,” she notes. “My staff and I try to make every interaction personal so they know that they aren’t just a number to us.”

A personal touch matters. Dr. Q understands that many patients don’t look forward to going to a visit with a dentist; they see it as an unpleasant necessity for their oral health. That’s why she and her team do all they can to make the experience engaging, familiar, and comfortable.

Personal Attention from Your Arcadia Dentist

The moment you arrive at Dr. Q Dental, you’ll recognize that the office space is attractive and modern. Professional staff at Dr. Q Dental will greet you with a welcoming smile, quickly address your needs, and help you complete any information that is necessary for the visit.

A less-caring Arcadia dentist might put you into a dental chair, check a file, and then begin working right away. Dr. Q’s team takes a different approach. When you enter for your appointment, your dental assistant, hygienist, or dentist will talk to you about your questions and concerns, including any specific areas of discomfort.

“Communication is one of the most important parts of healthcare,” Dr. Q says. Having this information helps us relieve your symptoms and maintain better oral health.

A Team Approach

Some patients have to see multiple practices to address their needs. They visit an endodontist for a root canal, an Arcadia cosmetic dentist for dental veneers, and an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth extraction.

Other patients rely on a single Arcadia dentist for all of these procedures. However, very few professionals have the skill to perform each of these procedures at a high level of quality.

Dr. Q Dental offers a team of Arcadia dentists focused on specific areas of concern. As a result, you benefit from tight-knit communication between your dental providers while receiving excellent care from each.

In addition to Dr. Q’s expertise in cosmetic and general dentistry, her staff includes an experienced oral surgeon and an endodontist focused on root canals. Their work is supported by a registered dental assistant, hygienist, and insurance manager for the office.

Your First Step to a Better Dental Visit

Dental care is important, and your experience should be equally as important to your provider. Your visit should be more comfortable, more inviting, and more in line with your needs as a patient. If you are seeking a different type of dental practice in Arcadia, schedule an appointment with Dr. Q.

Contact our practice today. Call (626) 599-9818.

To reach our dental office from Arcadia, head east on Huntington Dr. and then north on Myrtle Ave. Turn right on Colorado Blvd. We are on the left side of the street. Just 2 miles from Arcadia, your Dentist, Dr. Q is ready to help improve your smile today!