General Dentistry Monrovia

Family of Four Smiling All With Nice White Clean Teeth
You probably know that proper oral hygiene habits are important in order to maintain your overall oral health, but did you know that a healthy mouth can mean a healthy body, too? Not only does proper oral hygiene protect the condition and appearance of your teeth and gums, but it can also prevent serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. That is why it is essential to choose a reliable, trustworthy general dentist who can keep your mouth healthy.

When you choose Dr. Q as your general dentist, you can expect gentle, compassionate care from a professional who believes in supporting you and your needs. As a general dentist, Dr. Q prioritizes high-quality care and focuses on helping every patient establish and maintain proper oral health habits, so they do not find themselves in need of more extensive treatments later on. Dr. Q approaches her care from a preventative and proactive view and aims to teach each patient how to properly care for their teeth and gums.

Dental Examinations, X-rays, and Cleanings

We provide prophylaxis cleanings (traditional, twice-yearly appointments) as well as periodontal maintenance appointments, which occur every three-to-four months and help in the treatment of bone loss and other concerns.

Tooth Fillings, Tooth Crowns, and Dental Veneers

Our procedures help combat decay and disease and provide Monrovia patients with significant cosmetic benefits.

Scaling and Root Cleaning

This deep cleaning helps remove and eliminate dental plaque, calculus, and related concerns that can cause inflammation and disease.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Q’s team provides biopsies of growths within the mouth and other surgical procedures necessary for proper oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry for Young Children

Dr. Q and her staff are caring and supportive professionals who help patients of all ages feel comfortable in their care. She works gently in each procedure, earns the trust of her patients, and teaches children and parents about the practices to promote a healthy smile.

State Of The Art Technology

We consider patient-comfort to be the number one priority when it comes to earning and maintaining the trust of our Monrovia patients. By using state of the art technology like the iTero scanner, we can develop a digital mapping of your teeth without using sticky, bad-tasting putty that needs to sit and solidify. This is essential for Monrovia patients that may have sensitive gagging reactions and ensures maximum comfort compared to other teeth impression methods. Being one of the few doctors to use this technology in the Monrovia area, we are able to provide mess-free full mouth scans for night guards and Invisalign. The iTero scanner even allows us to scan your teeth for crown or veneer restorations, as well as create* diagnostic casts where we can annually compare any shift or changes in the teeth or gums. With the iTero scanner, we ensure to deliver a consistently comfortable and precisely accurate mouth scan to all Monrovia patients including those who often feel uncomfortable visiting the dentist.

To ensure a great outcome, Dr. Q relies on the latest technology and the highest grade materials. She is committed to providing you with lasting, attractive results.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Q at her office in the Monrovia area today. Call (626) 599-9819.