General Dentistry

Monrovia and Duarte General Dentistry

general dentistryDr. Q Dental offers a variety of high-quality dental procedures.

Dental examinations, X-rays, and cleanings: We provide prophylaxis cleanings (traditional, twice-yearly appointments) as well as periodontal maintenance appointments, which occur every three-to-four months and help in the treatment of bone loss and other concerns.

Tooth fillings, tooth crowns, and dental veneers: Our procedures help combat decay and disease and provide Monrovia and Duarte patients with significant cosmetic benefits.

Scaling and root cleaning: This deep cleaning helps remove and eliminate dental plaque, calculus, and related concerns that can cause inflammation and disease.

Oral surgery: Dr. Q’s team provides wisdom teeth extraction; biopsies of growths within the mouth; and other surgical procedures necessary for proper oral health.

Pediatric dentistry for young children. Dr. Q and her staff are caring and supportive professionals who help patients of all ages feel comfortable in their care. She works gently in each procedure, earns the trust of her patients, and teaches children and parents about the best way to promote a healthy smile.

To ensure a great outcome, Dr. Q relies on the latest technology and the highest grade materials. She is committed to providing you with lasting, attractive results.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Q at her office in the Monrovia and Duarte area today. Call (626) 599-9818.