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Patient 11

Veeners Before and After 1

4 Dental Veneers

* Individual Results May Vary

Patient 12

Crowns Before and After 1

The patient had recurrent decay and a lot of old restorations in her front teeth and we placed crowns to restore her smile and the health of her teeth

* Individual Results May Vary

Patient 13

Patient 1a Filling Before and Afters

Dental Filling

* Individual Results May Vary

Patient 14

Patient 1a C Before and Afters

Tongue Tie Procedure where we released the patient’s tongue tie using the Solea® laser to allow her to fully extend the tongue, which improved oral hygiene, speech, and occlusion. The tongue tie caused an anterior open bite and malocclusion and was released prior to her Invisalign® treatment to allow full correction.

* Individual Results May Vary