What Can I Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Eating_After_Wisdom_Teeth_RemovalThe question of what to eat often comes up following wisdom teeth removal. The surprising fact is that there are very few rules for eating following wisdom teeth extractions. Having wisdom teeth extractions with Dr. Q in Monrovia means you can continue to eat and drink most things that you love. The most important thing you can do is continue to take in good nutrition to speed up the healing process.

Dr. Q and her staff want you to be as comfortable as possible following wisdom teeth removal. It is important that for the first few hours after your wisdom teeth are removed, you are careful when eating and are trying to stick to a soft diet (as you may have some numbness of the mouth and tongue). Attempting to eat before the numbness wears off can put you at risk for biting your cheek or tongue, causing unnecessary soreness later. Milkshakes or protein drinks are a great choice following wisdom teeth removal as they are easy to ingest even when numb. These types of foods and drinks allow you to have something to fill your stomach shortly after surgery, but will not cause any harm to you or the extraction sites. The cool liquid can also be soothing following wisdom teeth extractions. Just remember to avoid using a straw as the “sucking” motion can disturb the healing. Also, remember to continue hydrating by drinking water, even if you don’t feel like eating much yet.

Once the numbness wears off you can move into a more normal diet. Avoid chewing directly over the extractions sites. Keeping these sites free of debris and food will help them heal quicker. Remember to eat foods high in vitamins and protein as this will keep you feeling your best, boost your immune system and support faster healing.

What Foods Should I Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

A few things that you may want to avoid after wisdom teeth extractions include foods with sharp edges or tiny pieces (such as popcorn and chips). These may get into the extraction sites and cause soreness or impede healing.

Carbonated beverages can also slow healing and can disturb or begin to break down any sutures placed in the sites. They may also disrupt the clot that forms to protect the sites and promote healing.

A Few Things To Remember After Wisdom Teeth Removal:

First Few Hours= soft foods

Great food choices following wisdom teeth extraction:

– High protein and vitamin rich foods such as eggs, fish, vegetables and fruits

Foods to avoid:

– Foods with rigid pieces such as chips and popcorn

– Carbonated beverages

The most important thing is to remain hydrated and continue to eat. Wisdom teeth extractions should not impair eating the things you love. It is important to remember that any diet adjustments made will only remain for a short time. The goal is to not only provide you with the best experience during treatment, but we also want you to be as comfortable as possible while healing so that you can return to full diet and regular daily activity as soon as possible.

Dr. Q has been serving Monrovia patients for over a decade with their wisdom teeth removal and other dental needs. For any further questions, or to schedule a consultation for wisdom teeth removal, please call (626) 599-9819. Dr. Q’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is looking forward to assisting you.