Welcome to Dr. Q Dental!

DrQGroup_NoBG-b-bgHello to my readers. I must disclose that I haven’t written a composition since English writing class back in high school so I must ask for grace when it comes to my grammar. As for spelling, thank goodness for spellcheck! I mean what does a dentist like me know about writing a blog? Is blog even a real word? Well, I’m assuming that now it is, right? Honestly, I feel like doing a root canal or surgery is easier than typing in a few words to form a sentence that makes sense! So to my readers/family/friends, help your dentist out a bit and give me some ideas as to what you would like me to write about. We can talk about anything in dentistry (prevention, restoration, cosmetic, etc) to insurance, to friendship, to pets, to cars, to hobbies, to love, to anything! Just as a reminder, I am a dentist so I can talk about some stuff better than other things (hint, hint). So here is to keeping in touch with you guys!