Tips on keeping your smile pretty and your mouth healthy (PART 1)

Portrait of Dr. Q
1. Brush.  Everyone knows this.  Brushing, like taking a shower or your washing your dishes is a mechanical way of cleaning debris off anything.  Simply put, we need to brush our teeth or its like eating off a dirty plate.  We need to remove anything organic that is not biologically attached to the surfaces of our teeth or gums so that the natural microflora (yes, we have a natural amount of bacteria in our mouth) don’t have a party and start creating  havoc in our mouths!

2. Floss.  Everyone knows this too but hates this part.   Believe it or not, I totally get it.  I was on the other side of the fence before I realize how great it feels to go to bed and have truly clean teeth.  I challenge my patients and readers to try flossing every night for one week and see how much stuff you actually get in between your teeth!  When you actually realize it, you will want to floss.   Here are some practical benefits of flossing –   reduces morning breath, decreases your chances of decay between your teeth, decreases the amount of gum inflammation and bleeding.  If you know you truly have clean teeth, wouldn’t you want to smile more?  I would!  If you smile more, you’ll be using less muscles and therefore you may not need that botox you were thinking of getting!  See the domino effect? Good.

3.  Visit your dentist.  Ah yes…. the most feared visit of all.  I have heard female patients tell me they would rather go through labor than see a dentist.  Here’s a news flash – WE ARE NOT PAIN MAKERS, WE ARE PAIN RELIEVERS.  HONEST!! Who do you go to when you have a toothache? It’s us! That’s cause you know we can make it better.  The problem is, it sometimes gets worse before it gets better but that is due to the body’s process.  The way to have less discomfort or none at all is if you are seeing your dentist on a regular basis which is a minimum of every 6 months.  Maintenance and prevention is key to less pain.  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get off the path of fear and onto the beautiful, painless smile you deserve!  Call and make your dental appointment today!