Your Experience with Dr. Q Dental

officeMaybe you’ve never said, “I’m so excited to be going to the dentist!” Still, wouldn’t it be nice if your dental visit was more comfortable? More personal? More efficient, while still offering excellent, healthy, and beautiful results?

That’s the experience we offer at Dr. Q Dental. Service to our patients and creating a welcoming, supportive environment are two of our priorities, along with providing high-quality dental care to every person.

Greater Comfort

We make patients feel at ease in our office by emphasizing comfort at every step in their experience:

  • Dr. Q Dental is a clean, modern dental practice. Our setting helps patients of all ages—from children to adults to seniors—feel more confident in their treatment.
  • We employ high-quality technology and furnishings, including ergonomic leather dental chairs and digital X-rays.
  • We take the time to understand your areas of discomfort and your needs. We also address any apprehension you have about a procedure. Dr. Q believes that communication is one of the most important aspects of your healthcare.
  • We work gently and efficiently. Our aim is to provide you with the care you need with as little discomfort as possible.

A More Personal Visitreception

We want you to feel like you are walking into a friend’s home—not making a dental visit. That’s why our staff greets you immediately upon entering Dr. Q Dental. We help you understand any forms that your procedure requires, and we work to keep your appointment on time every time. Completing your appointment as scheduled is one more way we reduce stress in your visit.

You’ll experience our personal approach throughout your visit and following your procedure. Many members of our team have been on staff for years, and we get to know our patients well as they grow with our practice. This relationship helps you to trust our judgment and recommendations, whether you need general dental services, a cosmetic dental procedure, or more extensive treatment.

Dr. Q and her team understand that providing excellent dental services is only part of what you need as a patient. That’s why we complete your experience with supportive and attentive treatment throughout your care with us.

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