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Invisalign® is a brand of invisible braces that straighten your teeth without anyone noticing. The clear aligners work faster and more precisely than traditional braces. But why should you get Invisalign from your dentist?

The dreaded “B” word – braces. If you or someone you know has ever been in the chair when the word gets dropped, you know what we mean. For years, braces were the only viable means of correcting a misaligned bite, and while effective, the time, pain, and social stigma attached to them was enough […]

With so much of the marketing around Invisalign being centered on teens, it’s not surprising that many adults have dismissed it as a viable solution. And, of course, you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience and social stigma of metal brackets on your teeth, so I guess there’s nothing to do but live with […]

For most families, the cost of dental care is a very real concern, but even the wealthiest of families share one sentiment with all the others: wanting to get the best quality possible for what you pay. When evaluating the cost of Invisalign versus traditional metal braces, you should consider not only the price but […]

Our teeth really are amazing, aren’t they? When it’s time, baby teeth fall out and adult teeth grow in to take their place without any intervention or coaxing from us. If your teeth grow in straight, this can all seem quite wonderful, but when they don’t, you probably find yourself wishing you had a bit […]

Your goal is straighter teeth and a great smile. Both braces and Invisalign® may be potential treatment options, and you may already be familiar with some of the advantages that the latter option offers. As an Invisalign dentist, Dr. Q often discusses these benefits with patients who are good candidates for the treatment. Typically, patients […]

You might be unhappy with the spacing or alignment of your teeth, or you might be considering treatment options for your child and looking for an alternative to braces. If so, Invisalign® could be the answer. Invisalign was introduced over a decade ago, and many patients have successfully used the aligners to achieve straighter teeth […]

Orthodontic braces are very common among adults as well as children. These dental appliances are used to correct problems related to crooked teeth or misaligned upper and lower jaws. There are many types of braces currently in use for the treatment of improper bites. The type of braces to use depends on the severity of […]