At What Age Should I Get Wisdom Teeth Extraction

WisdomTeeth_Monrovia_HatWisdom teeth, or your third set of molars, generally tend to appear between 18 and 25 years old. Many people ask Monrovia dentist Dr. Q, “At what age should I get wisdom teeth extraction?” The answer is, “There’s no magic number for when you should get wisdom teeth extraction.” In fact, you should get wisdom teeth extraction as soon as your wisdom teeth become bothersome to you. Read on for signs that it’s time for wisdom teeth extraction.

Your Wisdom Teeth Are Causing You Pain

You’ve heard of the old saying, “You’ll know it when you see it.” Well, in the case of wisdom teeth, you’ll know it’s time for wisdom teeth extraction when you feel it! Wisdom teeth can be extremely painful whether they are erupting (or cutting through the gums), or impacted (or blocked from the jawbone or are preventing other teeth from erupting). And the pain isn’t necessarily just at the back of your mouth. Wisdom teeth pain can also cause jaw pain and headaches. If you’re feeling the pain of wisdom teeth, why suffer through it? Call Monrovia dentist Dr. Q. for wisdom tooth extraction.

Your Wisdom Teeth Are Causing Swelling

One of the classic signs of wisdom teeth erupting is the swelling of your cheeks, jaw, and gums. The degree of swelling is dependent on your unique case. Your swelling may only be slightly noticeable, or your cheeks and gums may be several times larger than normal. If your gums or face are swelling up because of wisdom teeth eruption, it’s time to call your Monrovia dentist to discuss wisdom teeth extraction.

Your Wisdom Teeth Are Erupting and Causing Bleeding

When your wisdom teeth erupt, they cut through the gum tissue and often cause bleeding. But what’s worse is that bacteria may enter into your mouth, gums or jaw through the open gums, causing an infection. You’ll likely be able to tell if you have an infection if your breath smells bad, even right after you brush your teeth. If your wisdom teeth are causing bleeding, don’t gamble with the risk of infection. Call Monrovia dentist Dr. Q to talk about wisdom teeth extraction.

Your Wisdom Teeth Are Erupting and Causing Crowding

The human mouth has enough room for your 28 existing teeth, and not for the extra 4 wisdom teeth that are trying to grow in. Because of this, erupting wisdom teeth can come in misaligned or even sideways. These odd positions can crowd your existing teeth, causing you to lose the beautiful smile you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Your Wisdom Teeth Are Impacted

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, you’ll be spared the pain and swelling of eruption. But, you’ll be dealing with a whole new type of pain. While impacted wisdom teeth are blocked from erupting, their roots continue to grow, causing significant pain. Impacted wisdom teeth also increase your risk for an oral infection, cysts and in some rare cases, tumors.

I Think I’m Ready for Wisdom Teeth Extraction. What do I do next?

If you think you’re ready for wisdom teeth extraction, the best thing to do is to call Dr. Q at her Monrovia office to schedule a consultation. Reach out to her today by calling (626) 599-9818.